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Exebenus Pulse gives all parties access to real-time activity updates during the operation. As real-time data start to flow, it recognizes and validates activity execution and flags each point of operational criteria as it is met or not. It alerts the crew when operations deviate from plan, and when equipment limits are reached or are near breach, to ensure activities remain within the safe operating window.

Exebenus Pulse recognizes and validates activity execution, and warns when deviating from plan.

Key benefits
  • Recognize and validate activity execution
  • Warn of deviation from plan in real time
  • Stay within the safe operating window
  • Save time and costs; maximize operational uptime

Exebenus Pulse recognizes when an activity is completed, and informs the crew of the status to avoid unnecessary waiting time. The activity timeline is recorded and available for analysis, removing the burden of manually recording activities. Similarly, insights such as invisible lost time can be flagged and made available for continuous improvement.

Dynamic exchange between planners and crews ensures everyone is accessing the same information, and is equipped with preapproved procedures at all times. Crews no longer have to spend time searching for next steps or awaiting approval; they can act immediately to avoid downtime.

Use your experience. Predict risk.

Exebenus Pulse mines and incorporates your experience and lessons learned. During planning, simulations and machine learning allow you to evaluate risks and prepare contingency plans that are ready for action. This goes a long way toward eliminating the hesitations that add up to invisible lost time.

During execution, Exebenus Pulse ML Agents are fed real-time data to recognize deteriorating conditions that may lead to events such as stuck pipe and well control issues. Preapproved mitigation steps can be taken to avoid downtime.

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Exebenus Pulse connects each stage of your planning and execution.


The Exebenus services team works to ensure that your company’s workflows are properly integrated and digitalized when deploying and implementing the Exebenus Pulse solution. Exebenus Service

Unique, automated tracking and validation reduce rig crew workload.
Exebenus Pulse allows a mix of manual and automatic tracking of procedures.
Insights are presented to the rig crew as needed and in context of the task.

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