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At the heart of Exebenus Pulse is a customized, digital product library containing your company’s products options from multiple service providers, operating parameters and insights from past projects. Don’t worry. Our experts are here to get you setup and started.  With time and experience, your digital library will provide you with prefilled templates to expedite planning, and it will allow you to benchmark and standardize choices for reference by your global teams.

Exebenus Pulse generate validated, digital operating procedures for drilling & completions.

Key benefits
  • Fast and easy procedure generation
  • Standardize language to avoid misinterpretation
  • Build in experience and deploy lessons learned
  • Ensure quality and consistency across teams
  • Embedded approval management

Generating digital operating procedures is quick and automated. As you select products, the software automatically assembles the relevant activities, operational parameters and best practices.

  • Start with existing procedure or template
  • Start by assembling your tool string
  • Start from wellbore section

Your digitalized detailed operating procedures are updated and available immediately to share between planning and operation, eliminating the need for multiple iterations of static text documents. Preapproved contingency plans are ready for action and eliminate hesitations that add up to invisible lost time.


Procedural updates are made quickly and put into operation in minutes rather than hours or days.


The Exebenus Pulse replaces today’s text documents with digital procedures that use standardized language to avoid misinterpretation, speed up communication and eliminate potential nonproductive time caused by misunderstandings.

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Exebenus Pulse connects each stage of your planning and execution.


The Exebenus services team works to ensure that your company’s workflows are properly integrated and digitalized when deploying and implementing the Exebenus Pulse solution. Exebenus Service

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