Exebenus works with global partners whose skills and expertise complement our own. Our partnerships ensure that we stay focused on providing our clients with innovative and relevant solutions to their most pressing challenges as we move forward into our shared digital future.

As a strategic development partner, Equinor works with Exebenus to apply digitalization to the automation of decision making in well operations. Together, Equinor and Exebenus focus on the end user as the driver of their solution development.

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government’s most important instrument for fostering the innovativeness and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry.
Innovation Norway helps companies enhance their competitive advantage by providing financial, advisory and
networking services.

IBM is a longterm technology and advisory partner. The partnership makes Exebenus a part of the extensive network of IBM software developers, which provides the Exebenus development team with critical insight into the IBM development platform.

Sigma Enterprises (Mazrui Energy Service company), a leading energy services and technology provider in the Middle East region, embraces the digital revolution in the oil and gas industry by partnering with innovative solution provider Exebenus. The partnerships will deliver innovative power, combining both software and services to provide state-of-the-art digital solutions to the UAE and the rest of the Middle East.


Faazmiar Technology is a Malaysian technology agent. Faazmiar supports PETRONAS Wells RTC on behalf of Exebenus with technical service engineers.