Exebenus welcomes Unni K. Ulland as the company’s Vice President, Operations, effective January 1, 2020.

Unni has more than 20 years’ experience as an oil and gas industry professional, including previous roles as Information & Technology manager at Engie E&P Norway and Chief Information Officer at Neptune Energy internationally.

“Digitalization is spreading rapidly in the energy industry, and—not surprisingly—so is interest in our Exebenus Pulse solution,” said Olav Revheim, CEO. “Unni brings efficiency and professionalism to our deployment and client support services. With Unni as VP Operations, Exebenus is poised to assist clients make these digitalization transitions and take advantage of Exebenus Pulse’s benefits.”

The Exebenus technology is game changing, said Unni. “This is the way to go to reduce nonproductive time, and to increase operational performance and safety.”

Unni has experience from software companies, as well as consultancy. In her previous role, Unni gained firsthand experience with the implementation of large-scale digitalization projects. “I understand the processes from the operator’s perspective. I’ve seen what it takes to digitalize an operation, and to keep the process moving forward—the kind of experience I hope will prove valuable as we expand the reach of Exebenus Pulse. I’m truly excited to be involved in building a new global software company.”

Exebenus enhances the performance of companies in the oil and gas industry through digitalization, guiding clients toward fully automated operations that minimize downtime and result in safer wells at lower cost. The Exebenus Pulse solution digitalizes the information exchange between office and rig to continuously enhance the quality and safety of drilling and completions operations.