Exebenus and Aker BP will as part of a joint strategic development project develop an electronic Rig Action Plan (eRAP) using the Exebenus Pulse technology.

Exebenus Pulse digitalizes the exchange between planning and execution, or office and rig. It automatically generates an eRAP containing procedures, tasks, risks and best practices that can be updated in real time as operations advance, always reflecting the current status. By enabling easy access to well information, historical operations and lessons learned, the eRAP streamlines project planning and execution.

“This collaborative project is a key piece in Aker BP’s digital agenda and is essential in the architecture that will enable both workflow and machine automation in Aker BP,” says Per Ivar Nerseth, VP D&W Digitalization in Aker BP. “The Exebenus Pulse technology will automatically generate an eRAP, making our engineer’s day easier. He or she will be able to operate more efficiently, with higher level of confidence and QC in their work. What he or she produces will not only be understandable by a human, but also by a computer. Overall, automating the eRAP advances our drilling and wells workflows and brings us closer to achieving our visions of ‘Plan a well in a day’ and Autonomous Drilling Operations.”

Exebenus Pulse software allows the engineer to initiate a new eRAP easily by modifying an existing eRAP. With structured information and a rich library of products, associated processes, actions and best practices, an update or change can be planned and deployed quickly. As a result, the operating team can focus on solving the immediate concerns rather than spending time creating a new RAP. Continuous use of Exebenus Pulse means that each well project advances the next.

“In drilling operations, every action and task has its purpose. The skill set of the engineer is imperative to the project’s success,” says Olav Revheim, CEO of Exebenus. “Structuring operational information and simplifying access to previous experiences and events in real time can make a huge difference to the project. With Aker BP as a strategic partner, we have users with a broad range of experience working with us to apply, evaluate and refine the Exebenus Pulse solution. Creating the user journey is critical to successfully digitalizing work processes.”