The Exebenus Pulse software successfully recognized non-drilling operating procedures and activities in real-time data produced by the NORCE OpenLab drilling simulator. It is the first time the OpenLab drilling simulator has been used to create non-drilling simulation data for upper completion and liner hanger. The great advantage of the setup is that multiple, different scenarios can be created and tested without the need for historical data. This means that critical situation such as situations causing costly equipment failure and kicks can be simulated and evaluated to achieve reduced non-productive time and increased safety.

With the operator’s goal to automate as many of the drilling and non-drilling activities as possible the ability to successfully recognize operational procedures and activities in real-time data is a significant step in the right direction. Most automation software focus on the drilling activities. Although this is important, more than 70% of wellbore tasks are related to non-drilling activities. Using a digital twin to create different types of scenarios without the limitation of historical data is therefore a substantial advancement.

The possibility to use a digital twin to produce different real-time scenarios without historical data allows us to continuously improve Exebenus Pulse’s data recognition technology, making non-drilling automation realistic and attainable”, says Olav Revheim, CEO and co-founder.