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As operations proceed, Exebenus Pulse gives all parties access to real-time activity updates. Because the system connects the operational plan to actual data feedback, it automatically warns rig crews of deviations. Dynamic exchange between planners and crews ensures everyone is accessing the same information, and is equipped with preapproved procedures at all times. Crews no longer have to spend time searching for next steps or awaiting approval; they can act immediately to remain within the safe operating window and avoid downtime.

  • Reduce human error by providing preapproved, validated procedures
  • Stay within the safe operating window
  • Execute at or near optimal performance
  • Save time and costs; maximize operational uptime
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Exebenus Pulse connects each stage of your planning and execution.

Capture experiences and insight on the fly or later. Exebenus Pulse structures information and prefills data in context, making it easy for you to establish the big picture.