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Use your experience. Predict risk.

Making informed decisions requires a clear, moment-to-moment understanding of the situation. Important information may be buried in previous experiences or in real-time data. During execution, machine learning agents are fed real-time data to recognize deteriorating conditions that may lead to events such as stuck pipe and well control issues. Preapproved mitigation steps can be taken to avoid downtime.

Benchmark performance. Continuously improve.

Exebenus Pulse scours your digital library as well as third-party real-time databases to extract maximum value from current and historical data. Exploring past events, comments, comparable BHA combos, and WITSML data and formation data, Exebenus Pulse helps you benchmark and measure your operational performance. By logging decisions and capturing lessons learned today, you identify the best performing products and establish new best practices that will guide your teams worldwide in future projects.

Because Exebenus Pulse automatically logs and lets you flag events during operations, it reduces the time your team needs to spend doing post-operational reports. Reporting becomes a quick and concise process that focuses on the essentials, such as deviations from plan.

  • Capture lessons learned; standardize best practices
  • Learn from past and current experience to continuously improve performance
  • Improve planning and expand knowledge
  • Facilitate easier reporting
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