Exebenus Pulse

Real-time insight. Full-time confidence.

Exebenus Pulse digitalizes the information exchange between office and rig.

Bridging the digital footprint of past and current operations, the solution automatically generates validated, digital operating procedures for drilling and completions operations, facilitates dynamic interaction between planner and crew, validates actions and flags deviations in real time, and captures best practices for future implementation.

With Exebenus Pulse, operators maximize uptime and continuously improve the integrity, efficiency and safety of operations.

  • Increase operator confidence and procedural consistency
  • Reduce human error and increase safety
  • Warn when deviating from plan
  • Reduce downtime and lower operational costs

A neutral and open solution

Exebenus Pulse is an independent, neutral solution that interfaces with standard software and fits into existing workflows without infringing on the intellectual property of the equipment and tool providers. It can incorporate any real-time WITSML data and can integrate with any data store.

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Exebenus Pulse brings the validated, digital procedure, string schematic and wellbore information together in one application. Saving time to create validated operating procedures and increasing efficiency in interaction between office and rig crew.

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Exebenus Pulse connects each stage of your planning and execution.